My simple set up for slaughtering a chicken at home- homemade killing cones


Dehydrating eggs

2020 garden

Hello, and welcome to the Emigrant Farms blog home!

We are located in Shasta County in Northern California on 2.5 pine-filled acres. Our homestead may be small, but we’re making the best use of this little piece of land that we can. We grow all of our own meat, and produce much of the veggies that we eat. We’ve been living the homesteading life together since I moved to California in 2018, but we both come from small towns and have agricultural backgrounds.

Living a simpler life and learning forgotten skills are important values that we hope to pass on to our own children. Our daughter was born in 2021, and she’s already logged hours in the garden, the coop, the pasture- and even in the woods hunting for California blacktail deer. We hope to have a few more kids in the coming years; ultimately homeschooling and homesteading as a family.

There’s no shortage of other dreams and schemes for the future too; raising calves for beef, getting a milk cow, breeding our own pigs, training horses for hunting and trekking, having a small orchard, butchering and slaughtering livestock for hire, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail as a family… and on and on.

In the nearer future, our goals are to get even better at growing and preserving food right here where we are. We want to be more resilient, self-sustaining, and independent, year over year.. Becoming the best stewards of this little piece of the Earth that we can, while inspiring and helping others to do the same, is what drives us daily.

I’m so glad you found our little corner of the internet. I hope that these guides, recipes, and stories bring you value & inspiration.

Thank you for following along on our homesteading journey- and I wish you the best of luck and success in your own homesteading ventures. Whether you have 100 acres or a single windowsill garden, know that there is always something new to learn or to try.

Please don’t be afraid to reach out with questions, suggestions, or an update on your own homestead- I would love to hear from you!

Happy Homesteading!


One of our engagement pictures from 2019- notice the sheep in the background?
Raised vegetable garden beds at our home
We’re lucky to call this place home